SeaKlear Hot Tub Mighty Pods - Clarifier

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SeaKlear Hot Tub Mighty Pods

The Mighty Pods by SeaKlear are a clarifier that you add to your hot tub weekly to provide clean, clear and carefree water without the mess. Hot Tub Mighty Pods are an all natural clarifier that are made from crab shells and not oil like most clarifying products. Each pod will treat up to 500 gallons of water and can be used with any type of sanitizing system on the market.

Hot Tub Pod Features:
  • All natural clarifier
  • Works with all sanitizing systems
  • Doesn't require measuring
  • Easiest to use clarifier on the market
  • Each pack includes four mighty pods that each treat up to 500 gallons of water

Directions for use:
1. Remove the hot tub cover.
2. With the pump running, drop 1 hot tub pod into the water with the circulation jets on.
3. After each application, run your pump and filter system continuously for at least two hours.
4. It is safe to use the hot tub once the pod is fully dissolved.