U.S. Seal PS-3960 Seal Assembly for Spas

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Product Number: PS-3960

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PS-3960 U.S. Seal Shaft Seal Assembly

The U.S. Seal PS-3960 is Specifically suited for Spa and Hot Tub Applications. The PS-3960 uses Sintered Carbon providing better resistance to heat, abrasion and chemicals.

5/8" Shaft
Premium Seal Designed for Spa and Hot Tub Applications
Buna / Carbon Graphite SS with Ceramic Seat
Recommended for Hot Tub and Spa Applications
Not Recommended in Pools or Spas with Ozonators, Bromine or Chlorine Generators. Systems with Ozonators, Bromine or Chlorine Generators use PS-3867 Seal or PS-1901.

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