Nexa Dead Sea Minerals


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Product Number: NM-SPA
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Full Description

Nexa Dead Sea Minerals

The mineral salts are used with hot tub chlorine generators to provide the recommend salt level for your chlorine generating system. They are 100% Dead-Sea Mineral Salt that allow you to soak in the magnesium and potassium-rich oasis that helps muscle function, nerve cell communication and cell reconstruction. Your water will be soft and silky smooth like never before.

Most systems requires between 2000 to 3000 ppm of salt in the water for the unit to generate chlorine. The salt does not leave your hot tub water except for water splashing out. Each bag of Nexa Dead-Sea Minerals will add 1,500 ppm of salt to your water for every 250 gallons. For example, you will typically need 4 bags for an initial treatment of 500 gallons of water (verify your system requirements before adding.

Each bag contains 3.3 pounds of Nexa's Dead Sea Mineral Salts