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Mineraluxe Phos Cleanse

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Mineraluxe Phos Cleanse

Phosphates can be a huge source of frustration for hot tub owners! If left unchecked, high phophate levels in a hot tub can contribute to scale formation and increase the sanitizer demand. Phophates can also lead to the development of biofilm and cause a slimy feel on your hot tub surfaces. Bringing the phophate level down makes managing your hot tub water way easier.

Mineraluxe Phos Cleanse, the formula is specifically designed for hot water conditions. This product will effectively remove high phosphate levels in hot tubs and can be used to maintain lower levels.

  • Removes phosphates from hot tub water
  • Advanced lanthanum formula brings phosphate levels down to near zero
  • Reduces risk of scale formation
  • Proactively prevents biofilm contamination
  • Works through the filter for minimal clouding
  • 24 Ounces

Dosage Amounts:

  • Add 12 ounces per 250 gallons of water to remove 300 ppb of phosphates or less.
  • Add 18 ounces per 250 gallons of water to remove 400 to 500 ppb of phosphates.
  • Add 24 ounces per 250 gallons of water to remove 600 ppb of phosphates or more.

Mineraluxe UML09765