Mineraluxe Filter Revive Filter Cleaner


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Product Number: UML09736
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Full Description

Mineraluxe Filter Revive

Mineraluxe Filter Revive's extra strength, rapid action formula allows you to clean a filter in significantly less time! Removes greases and oils and breaks down scale and other contaminants that commonly accumulate on filter media. Whitens cartridges for that clean look!

Filter Revive Features:
  • Disinfects and cleans oils, biofilms, scale, and rust from filter cartridges
  • Whitens and brightens filters
  • Unique formula digests dirt and oils
  • Powerful biodegradable surfactants lift debris from surface of cartridge
  • 21 Ounces

Dosage Amounts:

  • Prepare a solution of this product and hot water in a clean, plastic pail, laundry tub or specific filter cleaning container. Add 7 ounces if your hot tub is slightly used, 10 ounces if your hot tub is moderately used or 14 ounces if your hot tub is heavily used. Soak the cartridge in the solution for 15 minutes.

Mineraluxe UML09736