Ozonator Mazzei Mixing Package 9-0722-06

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Product Number: 9-0722-06
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Del Ozone Mazzei Mixing Package 9-0722-06

Offered exclusively by DEL, the DEL-Mazzei Optimized Ozone Generation & Management System is a totally integrated off-gas solution. The ozone concentration is optimized while lowering the gas-to-liquid ratio, operating under the highest pressure available with the most aggressive mixing components. With this system, ozone is transferred into the water, where it belongs, resulting in no ozone off-gas. This product is a must have for hot tub and spa ozonators to provide the best results possible.

Mazzei 884 (This model has the most flow restriction)
Mazzei LGM (Liquid Gas Mixer 7-1392-01)
Mazzei Multiplier Nozzle