Waterway Mini Storm Jet Diffuser 218-6930

Product Number: 218-6930
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Waterway Mini Storm Jet Diffuser 218-6930

Jet Diffuser for Waterway Mini Storm Jets
Connection Type: Snap-In

Product Note:
Replacing the jet diffuser can be a good option if the tabs that hold the jet into the housing are broken and the rest of the diffuser looks in good condition. If the diffuser is flaking and becoming brittle it is recommended to replace the entire jet. Why? If the diffuser is deteriorating then the rest of the jet internals including the bearings probably are too. This is caused by low Alkalinity, pH or Calcium. The white residue that is coming of the diffuser isn't usually scale but the plastic deteriorating. In this case replacing the diffuser may be a good short term fix but you will most likely need a new jet very soon.

Waterway 218-6930