Waterway Dyna-Flo Plus Skim Filter Complete 510-9551


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Product Number: 510-9551
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Full Description

Waterway Dyna-Flo Plus Skim Filter Complete 510-9551

Dyna-Flo Plus Filter Features:
50 Square Foot Filter.
2" Plumbing.
Improved exclusive vent system for added safety.
Exclusive bayonet lock retains the basket and weir.
PVC upper threaded, middle and bottom body components are compatible with PVC glues and most silicones.
Traditional 4-scallop escutcheons to match the decor of the spa.
Telescoping weir has 6" of travel.
Built-in restriction valve for improved filtration with low volume.
Retrofits Dynamic Series Rainbow Filters.

Color: Black

Height 21 1/8" X 7.75" Wide (Hot Tub Hole Saw Size 6.875")

Waterway 510-9551