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Hot Tub Parts
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Waterway Signature Series Control System Bundles

The Hot Tub Warehouse Control System Bundle allows you to design the perfect equipment set up for your hot tub. All control systems come standard with a Waterway Siganture Series Solid State Control System, Heater Assembly, Top Side Control Panel, Waterway Hi-Flo Pump, Cords and light. System bundles start at just $549.95 and includes FREE SHIPPING!

Waterway Signature series solid state control systems are one of the most versatile control units available. Waterway Control Systems also include one of the nicest control panels available on the market. Unlike other brands that have small topside control panels with limited buttons that must be used to control multiple functions, the signature series control panels feature large easy to read buttons with individual buttons for each function. Waterway control systems are energy efficient, easy to install and are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Standard Waterway Control System Features:
  • 120 Volt / 240 Volt Convertible Power
  • 1.375 KW at 110 Volt / 5.5 KW at 240 Volt Heater
  • Ozone Circuit (120 Volt / 240 Volt)
  • Easy operation control panels with dedicated buttons for each function.
  • Electronic Flow and Temperature Sensors.
  • Can be plumbed to either suction or pressure side of pump.
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Enclosure.
  • Light Circuit (12 Volt).
  • 2-Year Manufacturers Warranty Standard

Standard EquipmentOptions
1 HP 2-Speed Pump (120 V)1 ½ HP up to 4 HP 2-Speed Pumps
Top Side Control Panel

Stainless Steel Heater 1.375 KW @ 110 Volts / 5.5 KW @ 240 Volts
Ozonator Circuit (Outlet to plug in a Ozonator)
Choose 120 Volt or 240 Volt
MCD-50 or Spa Eclipse
12V Light Kit with Housing, Transformer, Bulb and 8 Foot CordLED Color Changing Light
Equipment Base with Pump Riser
A cord is included for each circuit
that is ordered.

Optional Equipment:
  • Blower Circuit (Outlet to Plug in a Blower)
  • Pump Circuits for 2 and 3 Pumps (Outlet to plug in additional pumps)
  • Waterway Hi-Flo single or two speed pumps for 2 and 3 pump options
  • Ozonator – Spa Eclipse Corona Discharge or High Output MCD-50 Corona discharge Ozonators
  • Blower – HydroQuip Easy Aire 1 and 1 ½ HP Blowers

Product Note: The Control System will come pre-configured to your specifications. All Circuits are convertible to 120 or 240 Volts and can be changed at any time. All Bundles come with one pump standard. If you have additional pumps or an existing blower you will be able to specify if they are 120 Volt or 240 Volts and your control system will arrive pre-configured to your specifications. If you are also replacing an existing second or even third pump or blower your system will come set up to accommodate the pump or blower you purchased. Systems are pre-configured but do not come fully assembled. Some assembly is required.

Waterway Hi-Flo Pumps:

At Hot Tub Warehouse we use genuine Waterway Hi-Flo pumps. Hi-Flo Pumps are available in single and two speed options and are available in 1 horsepower through 4 horsepower models. Unlike some retailers that purchase Waterway Pump Wet Ends and attach them to inexpensive motors Hot Tub Warehouse does not sell refurbished, rebuilt or mix-and-match pump and motors. This practice may reduce costs but it also reduces quality. All genuine Waterway Pumps will come with an official label on the motor indicating it is a Waterway Hi-Flo Pump. Waterway Hi-Flo pumps come with a full 18 month manufacturer’s warranty. Waterway Products are made in the USA.

Control System Bundle Pump/Motor Location | Left or Right

With your custom control system bundle comes the option to have your pump on the RIGHT or LEFT of the Waterway control system.


Choose the functions you need for your hot tub:

Pump(s) Blower Price Control System
One 2-Speed Pump No Starting at
Build System
One 2-Speed Pump Yes Starting at
Build System
One 2-Speed Pump & One 1-Speed Pump No Starting at
Build System
One 2-Speed Pump & One 1-Speed Pump Yes Starting at
Build System
One 2-Speed Pump & Two 1-Speed Pumps No Starting at
Build System

Have a Question? Feel free to contact us

Ordering Notes:

Most hot tubs run on 220 Volts. When making your control system selections please select specify your current spas power requirements either 110V or 220V. If currently have a spa running on 110 volts your pump, blower, and ozonator etc. selections will all need to be 110 volts.

The pump horsepower should be listed on your current hot tub motors. If you can’t find a horsepower rating look for the amp ratings to determine the pump you need to order. If you currently have a 2 HP pump we do not recommend purchasing a 3 HP pump. More horsepower isn’t necessarily better and can cause equipment and hot tub component damage, personal injury and premature equipment failure.

Control System Bundles are a custom order item and are made to your specifications. If you happen to make a mistake on the voltage selections there is no need to worry. All Circuits are convertible to 120 or 240 Volts and can be changed at any time. Custom order products are unable to be returned and are non-refundable. Systems are pre-configured but do not come fully assembled. Some assembly is required. All system components are covered under the manufacturer’s warranties.

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