Spa Pure Natural Clear

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Product Number: C003403-CS40P

Full Description

Spa Pure Natural Clear Clarifier 16 Ounces

Natural Clear is a polymer based clarifier that naturally clarifies hot tub water in 4 ways. This is what Natural Clear will do for you:

Clarifies cloudy water:
Natural Clear gathers debris, body wastes, and tiny suspended particles into large enough particles for your spa or hot tub filter to trap.

Eliminates dissolved metals:
Natural Clear is a Chelating Agent so it actually removes the metals by precipitating them in the filter. After running filter 8 hours, clean or backwash filter.

Removes oils, soaps, and other contaminates:
Natural Clear is a natural biopolymer formula, long-chain-molecule, that catches the oils and contaminant molecules, flocs, them together to be removed from the water through the filter.

Improves Filter efficiency:
Natural Clear sets up a network of coating on the filter media so the filter can more efficiently collect debris and contaminants.

Natural Clear Dosage:
Use 1 oz. per 500 gallons of water. If you water is especially dirty, you can double or triple the dose.

When comparing dosage amounts to other brands you will find that Spa Pure Natural Clear is the best value for your money.

Spa Pure Natural Clear