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Spa Pure EZ-Enzyme

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Product Number: C004599-CS40P

Full Description

Spa Pure EZ-Enzyme - 16 Ounces

Rather than using conventional chemicals to shock or clarify after water has gone bad, use Spa Pure EZ-Enzyme to break down organics immediately as they enter your spa or hot tub. Water is then kept clear and odor free, and bathers don't have to experience unpleasant odors or scum, even in heavily used commercial facilities.

EZ-Enzyme gets rid of organics before they can interfere with sanitizer performance. This boost in sanitizer effectiveness keeps spas and hot tubs safer and greatly improves bather comfort. It naturally controls waterline problems, scum line and other buildup by safely removing body oils, lotions, cosmetics and similar materials in the water. Continued use of EZ-Enzyme will result in reduced odors and an easier to maintain spa. Scum Away is compatible with all sanitizing systems.

EZ-Enzyme Features:
  • Emulsifies and biodegrades body oils, suntan lotions, and other contaminates.
  • Extends filter life.

  • To maintain clean, clear, odor-free water, add Spa Pure Scum Away weekly at a rate of 1 ounce per 500 gallons of water. Apply this dose to the hot tub weekly. Pour directly into the water with the pump circulating at the lowest setting. You can use the hot tub immediately after applying to the water.
  • Formerly known as Scum Away

When comparing dosage amounts to other brands you will find that Spa Pure
EZ-Enzyme is the best value for your money.