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Spa Pure Brom Bank

Product Number: C003402-CS40P
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Full Description

Spa Pure Brom Bank 16 Ounce

Spa Pure Brom Bank is a solution of Bromide salts which remain as a stable bank in the spa / hot tub water until spa shock is added. Brom Bank has no disinfectant properties and it is only when spa shock is added that bromine is released in water containing Brom Bank.

Directions for Use:
Brom Bank should be added when the spa/hot tub is filled and weekly thereafter to maintain a bank of bromine in the water.

Add Brom Bank 4 ounces per 250 gallons directly into the hot tub. Circulate the water while adding Brom Bank to assure rapid and thorough distribution.

Weekly, thereafter, add Brom Bank 1 ounce per 250 gallons to maintain a sufficient bank of bromine in the water.

SpaPure Brom Bank