ProTeam Multi Magic Shock 2 Lbs

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Product Number: C003939-CS20B2

Full Description

ProTeam Multi Magic Shock 2 Lbs

Multi Magic Shock is a Fast-acting, pH neutral shock removes organic wastes and refreshes water. Multi Magic Shock is made up of 45% Sodium Dichlor-s-trazinetrione, non-chlorine oxidizers, water softeners and algae inhibitors for sparkling clear water.

Multi Magic Shock will remove contaminants such as ammonia, urine, perspiration, and oils. It also rids the spa of chlorine odors, eye and skin irritants, and cloudiness caused by chloramines. Spa Oxidizing Shock will increase the effectiveness of chlorine and bromine.

ProTeam Multi Magic Shock Features:
Patented blended multi function spa shock
Improves water clarity.
Promotes sparkling spa or hot tub water.
Eliminates Chlorine odor.
Fast Dissolving.

How to apply:
Always add with pump and filter running to ensure complete mixing and good circulation. Multi Magic Shock is completely soluble and dissolves quickly, so no mixing is required. Broadcast Multi Magic Shock uniformly over the surface of the water. Always apply product when spa is not in use. Test chlorine level prior to reentry to make sure te residual concentration in the spa is between 1 and 3 ppm. Reentry is prohibited above levels of 3 ppm due to risk of bodily injury.

Shock Treatment:
For residential spas, Multi Magic Shock should be added after every use at a dose of 1/2 ounce per 300 gallons of water, AND once per week at a dose of 1 ounce per 300 gallons of spa water. Heavily used spas may require shock treatments on a daily basis. Reentry into the trated spa or hot tub can resume after the free chlorine concentration has dropped to 1-3 ppm. Reentry is prohibited above levels of 3 ppm due to risk of bodily injury.

ProTeam Multi Magic Shock