Heater Relay Circuit Board 74618


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Product Number: 74618
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Full Description

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer in mid year 2013 and replaced with part 77119 - Heater Relay Circuit Board

Caldera, Hot Springs and Tiger River Heater Relay Circuit Board 74618

Description: Heater Relay Board with Jumpers and Shortened Screws for The Front Cover Used on Caldera, Hot Springs, Tiger River and Lime Light Spas

Caldera, Hot Springs and Tiger River 74618 Heater Relay Circuit Board is the newest revision for the 2001-2008 IQ2020 Control Box. It's upgraded design provides a more efficient method of connecting the heater's power cord to this board. The black wire from the heater's power cord now connects into the H1 position on the large gray terminal block. The heater's white wire (neutral) connects onto its own separate gray terminal block. This will reduce stress on the relays and increase their lifespan due to better transfer of voltage. The ground wire connection remains the same. This upgraded circuit board replaces the first and second generation boards in the IQ 2020 Control Box found in Caldera, Hot Spring and Tiger River spa models.

Symptoms this part has failed: No power going to the heater even though the red HTR ON L.E.D. light is lit inside the IQ2020 control box. The heater board is charred on the front and/or the backside.

Known As:
Watkins 74618
Hot Springs 74618
Caldera 74618
Tiger River 74618
Lime Light 74618
Watkins 73357
Caldera 73357
Hot Springs 73357