Del Ozone Spa Eclipse & CDS-16 Renewal Kit 9-0720-01

Product Number: 9-0720-01
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Del Ozone Spa Eclipse & CDS-16 Renewal Kit 9-0720-01

Renewal Kit Includes:
CD chip (5-0561)
5' of tubing, check valve
hose clamps

Product Note:
This is for use in the old style spa eclipse (in black housing) and the CDS-16 ozonators. You may want to consider upgrading to the new Spa Eclipse. The new style spa eclipse will produce twice as much ozone and doesn't need to be replaced every year or so.

The Chip needs to be replaced every 9,000 hours. If your ozonator is under three years old the new chip should work just fine. If the ozonator is between 3 to 5 years old the chip might work but the transformer could also be bad. If this happens to be the case you will need to buy a new Spa Eclipse ozonator. If its over five years old don't bother with the renewal kit. Simply replace the Ozonator.