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Hot Tub Tips, How-To's, Definitions,
and Water Care

Click any of the links below to find out more about your selected help topic.

Hot Tub Water Basics

    •    What is Alkalinity?
    •    What is pH?
    •    What is Calcium Hardness?
    •    What is Chlorine?
    •    What is Bromine?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Shock Treatment?

Hot Tub Water Maintenance

    •    Hot Tub Quick Tips Guide and Basic Maintenance
    •    Hot Tub Water Circulation
    •    Hot Tub Water Testing
    •    Hot Tub Water Chemistry
    •    Hot Tub Water Filtration
    •    Hot Tub Cleaning
    •    Hot Tub Draining, Filling, and Refilling

Troubleshooting Hot Tub Water Problems

    •    Cloudy Water
    •    Scale Buildup
    •    Scum Line
    •    Rough, Sand Paper Feel on Hot Tub Surface
    •    I Cough When I Turn on the Jets
    •    Water Smells Moldy
    •    When I Turn On My Jets Debris Comes Out
    •    Mold on Hot Tub Cover
    •    I Got a Rash After Getting In the Hot Tub
    •    I Can't Keep My Sanitizer Level Correct
    •    Green Hair From Hot Tub
    •    High or Low Alkalinity Levels
    •    High or Low pH Levels
    •    High or Low Calcium Hardness Levels
    •    High or Low Bromine or Chlorine Levels
    •    High or Low Biguanide Levels
    •    High or Low Pristine Blue Levels

Hot Tub Chemicals and Treatment Systems

    •    Hot Tub Chlorine
    •    Hot Tub Bromine
    •    Hot Tub Mineral Systems
    •    Pristine Blue
    •    Hot Tub Biguanide
    •    Hot Tub Clarifiers
    •    Hot Tub Enzymes
    •    Hot Tub Filter Cleaners
    •    Ozone in Hot Tub
    •    Hot Tub Salt Systems
    •    Hot Tub Chemical Safety and Storage

Hot Tub Part Installation & Repair

    •    Hot Tub Leak Repair
    •    Hot Tub Pump Seal Replacement
    •    Hot Tub Pump Impeller Replacement
    •    Hot Tub Pump Wet End Replacement
    •    Replacing a Light Bulb or Light Assembly in Hot Tub
    •    Hot Tub Ozonator Installation or Repair
    •    Hot Tub Blower Replacement
    •    Hot Tub Control System Replacement
    •    Hot Tub Top Side Control Replacement
    •    Replace a Hot Tub Pressure Switch
    •    Replace a Hot Tub Air Switch and Button
    •    Replace a Hot Tub Pump Capacitor
    •    Replace a Hot Tub Transformer

What Are These Hot Tub Parts and What Do They Do?

    •    What is a Hot Tub Motor?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Pump?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Heater?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Control System?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Control Panel?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Pressure Switch?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Air Switch and Air Button?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Vacuum Switch?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Fuse?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Blower?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Ozonator?
    •    What is a Hot Tub Jet?

General Hot Tub Categories

    •    Hot Tub Accessories
    •    Hot Tub Aromatherapy
    •    Hot Tub Covers
    •    Hot Tub Filters
    •    Hot Tub Health and Wellness
    •    Hot Tub Water Testing

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